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Ship Repair and Projection

A&S Ltd. offers ship repair services at best prices, schedule, and terms and conditions. All stages of ship repair are performed under strict quality control and technological and engineering support. Repair works are carried out under supervision of surveyors in according with the classification stated by ship-owner.

A&S Ltd. performs the following works on ship repair:

  • Repair and determination of welded hull structures, ship’s devices and systems;
  • Cleaning and painting of ship’s hull in dry dock and a float, repair shafting, propellers, bottom and side fittings;
  • Determination, repair and test of ship lifting arrangements;
  • Repair and determination of ship machinery (main and auxiliary) and their subsidiary systems;
  • Determination, repair and setting of electrical equipment, accumulators and fixed fire detection and fire alarm systems;
  • Current repair of electrical machinery with voltage of 660 V and of 1000 kW power in cases of having contract with classification society which authorize use of workshop, devices and equipment;
  • Carry out thickness measurement of ship’s underwater part and free board under the supervision of Classification Society;
  • Mechanical measurement, testing and non-destructive test of welded connections, shape steel-rolled stock, steel-rolled carbonaceous, pig-iron and products from them;
  • Inspection and testing of welded connections with ultrasonic, magnetic and dye penetrant inspection methods;
  • Carry out construction engineering of ships.